Beijing Municipal Science and Technology CommissionThe affiliate organization in China is the Beijing Sustainable Development Center, or BSDC.

BSDC is a public organization affiliated with the Beijing Municipal Science & Technology Commission (BSTC). Its missions are to provide science & technology guidelines and technical support service for social and economic sustainable development. BSDC has five operational departments focusing on energy, the environment, technology demonstration, science popularization and international cooperation.

The energy department assumes the interagency coordinating and management role for government energy science and technology projects. It also undertakes policy research and is the principal municipal champion for renewable, energy efficiency, clean energy and green building projects in the municipality of Beijing.

The environment department conducts policy and technology research designed to advance the objectives of the municipal environmental protection laws and serves as an ombudsman for foreign and domestic companies doing business in Beijing.

The technology demonstration department conducts initiatives that promote new energy and environmental technology applications in various end-uses across the municipality. Additionally, the department provides urban and regional planning and sustainable design consulting to communities throughout the greater metropolitan region. It also assists the Social Development Division of BSTC in relevant evaluation, supervision and appraisal projects.

The science popularization department works with the Beijing Science Popularization Joint Offices in the approval, funding and management of public science popularization projects in Beijing. It also organizes and hosts science popularization events and activities with other departments and organizations.

The international cooperation department is the coordinating office for international collaborative research in the areas of energy and the environment and for all technology transfer initiatives between the municipality and other communities around the world. To learn more visit:

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