U.S. GEN Affiliate Partners with California Leaders to Create National Energy Center for Sustainable Communities - Future Secretariat to the GEN

The GEC and its partners -- U.S. DOE, the City of Chula Vista, California and the Center for Energy Studies at San Diego State University - are creating a National Energy Center for Sustainable Communities (NECSC). The Center will be a world-class research and demonstration institution that develops new tools, policies and technologies for integrated, sustainable energy use at community-scale. It also will serve as the US Secretariat for the Global Energy Network. The partners have launched a major fundraising drive for a cutting-edge zero-energy & carbon building to house the new Center in Chula Vista.

Initial Press Release [PDF 16KB]

Interview Concering the Project w/ Doug Newman of GTI [PDF 128KB]

With the Power at Hand Examing the Merits of Distributed Energy: by David Engle [PDF 1.98MB]