U.S. GEN Affiliate Unveils "Energy-Smart" Training at the Mayors Asia-Pacific Environmental Summit in Melbourne, Australia

The U.S. GEN Affiliate is collaborating with the U.S.AID, Asian Development Bank, Australian Government, Global Environmental Technology Foundation, ICLEI, KTH - Royal Dutch Institute of Technology and the City of Melbourne, Australia to stage the 4th triennial Mayor's Asia-Pacific Environmental Summit (MAPES) event. The future of the Asia-Pacific region will be shaped by its cities and urban regions. MAPES provides a unique forum for mayors and other senior local government officials in the region to promote sustainable development in their cities, share information and best practices, and build partnerships with businesses, donor organizations, and NGOs. Previous Summits were attended by more than 400 delegates, representing over 100 cities from 29 countries.

The U.S. GEN Affiliate presented two new training seminars at the MAPES event focusing on Sustainable Municipal Energy Planning and Management and on Energy-Smart Community Design and Development. These training courses are available in PDF format via the download links below. For more information on the MAPES event please visit: http://www.environmentalsummit.com/

  Energy-Smart Community Design and Development Seminar (Part 1) [PDF / 6.83MB]

  Energy-Smart Community Design and Development Seminar (Part 2) [PDF / 4.31MB]

  Financing Energy-Smart Community Development [PDF / 1.76MB]

  Municipal Energy Planning and Management Seminar [PDF / 1.4MB]